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Over a period of 3 years a body of evidence was created based on interviews, meetings, focus groups and other means of consultation with both professionals and young people with disabilities, plus parents and carers. This revealed an overwhelming need for activities for young people from age 17 upwards, in particular once they have completed their entitlement to full time education, whether in school, college or residential setting.  This local body of evidence has been further confirmed by research carried out on a national basis, including government and third sector reports.

Due to the overwhelming amount of evidence RAY Ceredigion and Green Rocket Futures have come together through a mutual interest in creating a more equal level of opportunity for young people with disabilities, to pilot improving outcomes for disabled young people who have completed full time education, or are approaching the end of full time education.

The pilot project will run 2 days a week for a 12 month period and  aims to engages with 12 young disabled people between the ages of 17 and 30, one day at RAY Ceredigion and one day at GRF.  At RAY Ceredigion the participants will participate in planning and cooking meals, arts and crafts, carpentry and IT. Whereas at Green Rocket Futures they shall grow food, learn about small animal husbandry, gardening for climate change, photography and social media.

Each setting will offer taster activities in each of the areas listed above for a period of 10 weeks, at which point a group evaluation day will take place, and a 6 month person-centred plan developed for each young person with a schedule that allows them to gain experience in their particular areas of interest.  At the end of this 6 month period a further evaluation will be held, taking  into account records kept by project staff, the views of the young person, and if appropriate the views of parents, carers and professional support agencies.  The aim of this review will be to develop ways in which the skills and interests of each young person can help them to engage more fully with the wider community. 

The final 2.5 months of the project will be spent developing person centred plans on how to best support the individuals to use their skills and interests to integrate into the wider community, in a way that is appropriate to them.


For further information on our projects, discuss your ideas or for information regarding eligibility of support please call the Cynnal y Cardi team on 01545 572063; e-mail; or visit

This project has received funding through the Welsh Government Rural Communities – Rural Development Programme 2014-2020, which is funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development and the Welsh Government.