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The ‘Building Community Value and Innovation Through Food Surplus’ project aims to raise awareness of the issues relating to food waste and the means of how to tackle them. The project will also allow Aber Food Surplus to build relationships with smaller communities within the Aberystwyth area in order to provide food related discussions and a platform for action in working towards food system resilience.

The project aims to develop stronger relationships with the charities, community groups and other members of the community to feed into the progression, direction and impact of Aber Food Surplus, i.e. holding a monthly steering group meeting open to all.

The project involves coordination of multiple themes including waste management innovation, community outreach, and educational programmes, all enabling collaborative methods to explore ways of preventing the amount of food being wasted in homes, businesses and services across the area.  Aber Food Surplus believes that together, as a community, the impact of food waste on the environment can be reduced, delivering innovative and empowering opportunities for community development along the way.


The project is broken down into three themes:


  1. Surplus Food Redistribution Coordination

This theme will include:

  • Organising volunteers to collect, sort and redistribute surplus food on a daily basis (food is currently collected from five retailers and redistributed to local charities and community groups).
  • Bringing on board more volunteers and see further engagement, collections and redistributions with food businesses, community groups and charities, enabling and enhancing the supply, quality and diversity of surplus food.


  1. Waste Management Innovation

This theme will include:

  • Further development of a community composting scheme
  • Exploring other avenues of innovation, e.g. the Community Fridge concept, engaging with local farms regarding composting, animal feedstock or micro-scale anaerobic digestion.


  1. Community Outreach

This theme will focus on four key areas:

  • University Collaboration
  • Schools Workshops
  • Young, Youths and Elderly
  • Charity Engagement


This approach aims to build on the already successful community engagement and education workshops that have been delivered and to expand to other areas of the community including volunteer recruitment and engagement.  The educational work will focus on food education exploring environmental, social, economic and cultural aspects of food incorporating food waste, local supply chains, connection with growers/farmers, food sovereignty, poverty and justice, as well as household food waste.  In addition, incorporating of a Food Stories project with the young and elderly focused on inter-generation sharing and learning over surplus food and exploring aspects such as food culture and generational attitudes and behaviours regarding food and food waste.


For further information on our projects, discuss your ideas or for information regarding eligibility of support please call the Cynnal y Cardi team on 01545 572063; e-mail; or visit

This project has received funding through the Welsh Government Rural Communities – Rural Development Programme 2014-2020, which is funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development and the Welsh Government.