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As a result of the report produced from the Upland Regeneration feasibility study, Pentir Pumlumon put in an application to LEADER for the Sustainable Tourism Development project, in order to fund a part time development officer over 2.5 years to develop and deliver the recommendations set out in the report.

The project aims to explore and develop a cultural / heritage visitor action plan, an activities / sporting visitor action plan, develop country life/nature opportunities for visitors and tackle public transport issues for community and tourists.


The project activities include:

  • Raising awareness of tourism assets in the Uplands
  • Devising an ambassador scheme
  • Initiating events and festivals
  • Exploit opportunities presented by the ‘Hinterland’ brand to attract new visitors to the area
  • Building capacity to respond to the needs of visitors
  • Developing infrastructure for navigation
  • Improving green transport linkages
  • Building an entrepreneurial culture
  • Facilitating Infrastructure Improvements

A wide range of people will benefit from this project including; young people, older people, women, Welsh speakers, disabled people, farming households, micro-businesses, small businesses and the whole of North Ceredigion Uplands community.

The project has demonstrated the value of employing a dedicated tourism officer who created a sense of belonging, a network of likeminded people from the tourism and hospitality sectors and local communities. As a result of the project, these communities have felt supported, have been inclusive and welcomed, which has fostered a feel-good vibe. People seem to feel more pride and hope for the future.

Jobs have been safeguarded and businesses and the community have been well informed through the new website and a very active social media presence.

Businesses and the communities have benefited from events and a source of information. Engaging with groups has been of great benefit to all parties. The benefit to Pentir Pumlumon is the wish of business and the community that the organisation continues to operate and develop in the future, highlighting the project’s success.

This project has received funding through the Welsh Government Rural Communities – Rural Development Programme 2014-2020, which is funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development and the Welsh Government.