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The Growing Mid Wales Regional Tourism feasibility study, by Growing Mid Wales is a cooperation project between Ceredigion and Powys, shall undertake a strategic review of tourism assets and activity in Mid Wales and identify a pipeline of both activity, tangible investment opportunities and supporting interventions in order to develop an action plan and vision for tourism in the region.

The Covid-19 pandemic has been particularly challenging for the tourism and hospitality sector. This study seeks to lay the foundations for sustainable growth as we come out of the pandemic, capitalising on emerging opportunities, and supporting the tourism sector to build resilience into their business models, helping to reduce the negative impacts on businesses and support their long-term recovery.

The feasibility study aims to:

  • Undertake a comprehensive mapping and review of tourism attractions and infrastructure in the Mid Wales region, including growth potential and rationale for this, and develop a strategic baseline for tourism activity in the region, importantly recognising local distinctiveness.
  • Identify capacity for growth in the sector, seeking to understand future opportunities, particularly in the context of post Covid-19 recovery, emerging staycation demand and changing audiences.
  • Consider any foreseeable constraints or barriers to growth, and the impact of future developments in the context of local planning policy.
  • Use the resulting data to undertake an engagement exercise with relevant stakeholders in the industry and identify a long list of tangible investment opportunities and activity that could potentially be funded by a wide variety of funding schemes.

The results will form the basis of a tourism action plan for Mid Wales as part of the Growing Mid Wales regional partnership. Growing Mid Wales is a regional partnership and engagement arrangement between the private, public and third sector, and with Welsh Government. The initiative seeks to represent the region's interests and prioritise for improvements to our local economy.