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The provenance of Shetland wool is world renowned, both in terms of quality and its industry, with people travel from all over the world to visit their mills, workshops, and their beautiful islands.

The project was a preparatory visit to Shetland to coincide with Emily O’Reilly’s own work-experience visit, in which she visited relevant industries and individuals to gain potential exchange visit interest. This would then be the core of all stages of the production, from farmers to textile producers and similar groups to Lampeter knit group. The visit allowed for links between the Shetland wool week organisers and the Wonder Wool Wales groups to be facilitated, and a joint event at the two festivals is under consideration.

The research trip to Shetland was an invaluable starting point to a project that will truly see the economic benefit of the Welsh wool industry increasing, through knowledge, collaboration, and increased production of services. It also highlighted the value of creating multidisciplinary solutions and connections, as well as the possibility for strong ties and networks to be created between Wales and Shetland.

To read the full report produced, click here.