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Support for Community Enterprises

The Cynnal y Cardi Local Action Group (LAG) wants to hear from anyone needing support with scoping out the possibilities for a community facility or building in order to develop it as a community enterprise.

The closing date for submitting details of proposals is 12pm on Tuesday 1st of June 2021. Following the closing date these will be reviewed with a small number successfully proceeding as part of a package of activity.

We would encourage initial discussions regarding eligibility to take place with the Cynnal y Cardi Team. To discuss your proposal and for information regarding eligibility of support email the Cynnal y Cardi team on All submissions are welcome in Welsh or English.


Criteria / Eligibility:

The Cynnal y Cardi Local Action Group (LAG) wants to hear from anyone currently in the process of actively acquiring or developing a community facility / building for community ownership but need support with scoping out what the possibilities are.

You might be thinking about securing premises to develop your community activities, services or community business. Or it might be that a local building is threatened with closure, and as a group of residents you want to save it.

Community ownership enables local people to take control of the important spaces and buildings which matter to them locally, to meet the priorities and needs of the local area.

Open call timescale: 19 April 21 – 12pm 1 June 2021.

Contact to discuss your idea with a member of the Cynnal y Cardi team.



Community facility / building means a building for community, social, educational, cultural, and recreational activities which is not operated primarily for financial gain for instance community-owned pub, community centre. Its primary objective is to improve the area, neighbourhood, and/or community for the benefit of its residents.

Buildings which have a purely commercial focus will not be eligible.

Facility / Building must be located within Ceredigion.



Applicant does not need to be set up as a ‘formal’ organisation to apply. However evidence of an ‘informal’ group anticipated to deliver on the venture will need to be demonstrated.



Facility / building can be:

  • In the ownership of the organisation.
  • In the process of being transferred as an asset.
  • Evidence of significant discussions need to be in place with regard to the purchase / transfer of the facility / building.

Scope of activity:

  • Setting out current position – existing assets, local capacity etc.
  • Networking / consultation / engagement activity to support evidence of need / demand and local appropriateness. Strengthen local support.
  • Assess potential options for the proposal.
  • Assess benefits of the proposal, particularly in the long-term.
  • Assess what structures need to be put in place – new or strengthening existing local structures, role of volunteers etc.
  • Set out a five-year forward cash flow projection and action plan for the proposal, showing how it will be implemented and funded (Various options could be considered including grants, loans, shares etc).
  • Set out a three-year forward business plan for the proposal.
  • Provide a clear recommendation on the likely viability of the proposal.


  • Detailed survey / architectural drawings will not be eligible.


Applications need to be at a stage where the above conditions can be met. Ideas which are not advanced enough will not be considered.



Applicant will need to:

  • Provide evidence of need / demand to demonstrate there is local support for the proposed venture (Initial support can be provided by Cynnal y Cardi if required).
  • Network, share best practice and learnings with others.
  • Be involved in monitoring progress and day to day implementation of engagement, consultations with successful consultant.
  • Record monitoring data and participate in any evaluation activity.
  • Participate in any publicity that may be required.
  • Be part of a case study.



Open call open

Deadline for submissions (Applications can be submitted at anytime during this period).

19 April – 12pm 1 June 2021

Cynnal y Cardi LAG review and score applications. Up to a maximum of 4 applications will proceed.

Mid June 2021

CyC to tender for consultants to work with organisations and deliver feasibility studies.

June /July 2021

Successful tenderer to work with successful applicants.

July – December 21


Other support:

Wales Cooperative Centre

Social Business Wales

Ceredigion Association of Volunteering Organisations (CAVO)

Wales Council for Voluntary Action (WCVA)

Development Trust Wales

Plunkett Foundation

Pub is the Hub

Welsh Government, Community Asset Transfer guidance



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